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“All grown-ups were once children…but only a few of them remember it. ” This is a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the Little Prince. We all remember at least one of our favorite toys. A racing car, a doll or a stuffed animal we were particularly fond of. There are also those who say that it is important to always remain connected with the child within us. For this reason there are toys for children but also for adults: fun is never enough.

Model making represents a planet in its own right in the universe of leisure. This term refers to the activity of creating scale models that will then serve as a prototype for industrial production, or it can be a recreational activity, just a hobby for someone. Cars have always been the favorite subjects but there are many other types of modeling and among these, even a technical-scientific one which aims to represent complex physical phenomena or human or animal anatomy.

I'll tell you what's changed

Of course, technology has not spared any field of our daily life, it has radically changed our way of living and also of playing. Our grandparents' toys were certainly different from those of our parents, and those of future generations will be different from ours. Many of the old games still exist now, but perhaps transformed into a digital version, for computer or playstation.

It is curious to note how children's requests have changed but even more curious is how some games have remained almost the same, as timeless as Lego bricks or some teddy bears.

And you? Are you more of an “old toy type'' or are you looking for the latest news? Search the categories and let the fun begin.