Musical Instruments

Music is emotion, creativity, passion. A piano has a finite number of keys, just as a guitar or similar instrument has a finite number of strings. We all know that the musical notes are 7, not infinite. Yet the very moment you pick up an instrument and start playing, you are infinite and infinite is the music that you can play with those 7 notes. Millions and millions of emotions that dance on those notes and surround you and those who listen to you.

Music to your ears

If you are a beginner and you have to choose which instrument to study or deepen, first of all you can start to get an idea by browsing through different categories that divide musical instruments between new and used and then between stringed instruments, bowed instruments, wind instruments, instruments percussion, keyboard or electric or electronic instruments. Find your instrument and you will find your way into music. Later, who knows, you might also be interested in instruments for professional music recording and production; in this case it might be useful to take a tour inside the vast collection of mixers, microphones or cables and synthesizers.

We often associate memories with music: from happy birthday songs, to the song that was dedicated to you by your first love, the song of a dance or a holiday with friends ... whatever musical instrument you choose, making music will mean create connections, emotions and memories.