Books & Comics

If you’re a good reader, you’ll never be alone. In fact, books and magazines often keep us company. Maybe when it's raining or cold outside, or when the habit and monotony of everyday life assail us, we know that we just need to take a leap into the imaginary world that someone else, writing, has created for us. We can read a fashion magazine while we wait for our turn at the hairdresser or buy a more specific one to keep us updated about a specific topic. Reading is like taking a journey and even before leaving, we already know that there are encounters, chats, reflections, loves, joys and sorrows awaiting us and we will have to face them.

Books or ebooks: enemies-friends

There are those who prefer to fill entire bookcases or dedicate a special room in the apartment to books. Surely the book, as an object, is still capable of arousing a certain fascination. On the other hand, there are also those who say that the paper book is destined to become an antique or collectible object, swept away by its greatest enemy: the ebook.

Usually people prefer e-books for reasons of space and convenience: a small device that can hold numerous books. Or for ecological reasons: one ebook is a tree saved.

But why should you choose between one and the other if you can have both?

To buy books and magazines. Why?

Give yourself the pleasure of leafing through the pages of paper, those of a new book, still a little glued, as if they do not want to reveal their secrets so easily.

Give yourself the pleasure of the scent of ink, or that of ancient pages, used books that have traveled more than you, have been in bags, backpacks and then homes or offices. They have taken more trains than you can imagine and have known the tears of the many who got thrilled.

Fiction, mystery, horror, children's books, fashion magazines, arts and entertainment, finance or cars, biographies or fantasy. Search for your favorite genre and buy a story.