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The fascinating nautical world is a very niche market, which requires a maniacal dedication to the maintenance of the boat and all its accessories. Also due to the humidity caused by the water on which it rests, or worse, during the periods in which the boat is stationary, it requires continuous overhaul, starting from the flooring, painting, up to the on-board equipment that must be changed and maintained. Thanks to the big selection in our catalog, there is no worry about the quality of the products and you’ll just have to take your picks amongst the top brands. 

I have it, I miss it!

Moving away from the mainland implies having to give up certain comforts and habits, so the ideal would be to bring everything you need with you before setting sail! Browsing through the various brands in our catalog, we recommend that you take a look at nautical clothing suitable for difficult weather situations, such as windproof jackets or life jackets. Or, emergency and spare accessories in case of malfunction, all this at a competitive price!

Maximum comfort even at the see

Thanks to the vast assortment in our catalog, you can buy a latest generation audio system for your boat, which in addition to providing excellent quality audio, will also have the particularity of being waterproof! Everything you need is just a click away!