Art and Antiques

The term “antiques'' means a collection of ancient artifacts (furniture, mirrors, but also books and works of art) for commercial purposes or for personal interest, although in the latter case we could speak of collecting…

It is necessary to distinguish between objects that are properly antiques and objects that are simply "used", without value and therefore do not constitute a reason for interest among fans of the genre. An antique object can cost as much as a new object (or even more) because it has acquired a certain value over time, especially if it has been kept in excellent condition.

When is an object defined as antique?

An object belonging to an earlier period is usually defined as antiques, 50 years are enough for some countries, for others at least 100, otherwise we are talking about Vintage.

Ancient doesn't necessarily mean used. Ancient doesn't necessarily mean damaged. Antique doesn't necessarily mean outdated. Antique does not mean devoid of value...quite the opposite, an object is defined as antique when it‘s rare and valuable. Time is an added value. 

Do you already know what you are looking for?

Antiques is a parallel universe in which you can get lost for hours and hours observing it, admiring it, studying it and dreaming of adding that extra touch to the furnishings of our home. The antiques items range between different genres and types. Surely if you already know what you are looking for your search will be easier and more targeted. Usually non-experts in the trade love to wander between one artifact and another, in a more generic search, almost a walk in the past that, almost certainly, will lead to fall in love with something: perhaps a work of art or perhaps a map or a musical instrument that no longer exists. Browse through the different categories that we offer and you will surely find what you didn't even know you wanted to such an extent.